Ye Xu defended his PhD-thesis on Energy Harvesting

Wed 23 Mar 2022 14:51

On Wednesday morning it was time for PhD-student Ye Xu to present and defend his doctoral thesis to the grading committee which he did with a successful result, and he can now call himself a doctor.

Doctoral student Ye Xu stands by a staircase and holds a bouquet of flowers and his dissertation.

Xu started his journey towards his doctor degree as an bachelor student at Mittuniversitetet in 2010 and later become a masterstudent. Now he has successfully defended his doctoral thesis "Rotational Electromagnetic Energy Harvesting Through Variable Reluctance" and can now call himself a doctor.

Opponent to the thesis was Prof. Carlo Trigona from the University of Catania in Italy. In the grading committee was Dr. Alex Weddell from the University of Southampton in UK, Prof. Mustafa Arafa from the American University in Cairo in Egypt and Prof. Kent Bertilsson from Mid Sweden University.

Prof. Bengt Oelmann and Associate Prof. Sebastian Bader was the supervisor to Ye Xu during his work.

You can watch Ye Xu’s presentation again on our Youtube-channel on the link below and read the doctoral thesis online. 

Read the thesis in Diva

Doktoranden Ye Xu presenterar sin avhandling.

Defense of doctoral thesis in electronics with Ye Xu

PhD-student Ye Xu presents his doctoral thesis "Rotational Electromagnetic Energy Harvesting Through Variable Reluctance".
PhD-student Ye Xu defends his thesis.
Carlo Trigona, opponent the the thesis.
Alex Weddell in the grading committee.
Mustafa Arafa, grading committee
PhD-student Ye Xu talk with Kent Bertilsson from the grading committee.
The dissertation together with a bouquet of flowers and festive glasses.
The grading committee has announced its decision to approve the doctoral student and flowers will be distributed.
Supervisors, respondent and grading committee stands togehter.
Group photo of the grading committee, supervisor and respondent.


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