Dr. Börje Norlin - new associate professor at STC

Fri 22 Apr 2022 10:39

On April 21st Dr. Börje Norlin was appointed associate professor at STC!

Börje Norlin during his lecture.

We congratulate Dr. Börje Norlin who gave his trial lecture on Thursday the 21st of April. His lecture was titled “Material resolving imaging - Immediate tracking of harmful substances around us”.


Already in 1960th science fiction TV-shows, the presence of useful ores or toxic gases were detected by handheld instruments. At that time, it was a fantasy, but now we are almost there. This speech presents technologies necessary for material resolving imaging and exemplifies real life- and industrial applications. Environmental monitoring using X-ray fluorescence (XRF) measurements is already a reality. In the near future 100% recycling efficiency is might be achieved thanks to new developed material resolving imaging systems.

Börje Norlin during his lecture.
Börje Norlin during his lecture.
Börje Norlin during his lecture.
Two men shaking hands.
Associate professor Börje Norlin holding flowers.


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