Scholarship from Ericsson Research for international research stays

Mon 30 Jan 2023 13:16

Last autumn, two PhD students at the STC Research Centre were awarded a scholarship from Ericsson Research for international research stays, read an interview with the two PhD students Sujash and Farnaz about where they are going and what they will do.

Farnaz och Sujash
Photo: Farnaz Khodakhah and Sujash Naskar

You both have received scholarships from Ericsson Research for international research stays, why have you received these scholarships?

Farnaz: Ericsson is one of the world's leading companies in the information and communications technology field and invests a significant part of its sales in research and development. Ericsson conducts its own research in key areas, e.g. radio systems, microwave technology, security, artificial intelligence, and IP networks, but depends on research in far more areas. For this reason, Ericsson has extensive cooperation with academia. Its purpose is to promote scientific research through grants to scientists and master’s students at Swedish universities and institutes. The purpose of the grant should be to conduct research in Electrical Engineering, which should be interpreted widely as research of interest to Ericsson. In this context, the term Research is defined as studies at the Ph. D candidate level and beyond". Collaboration is one of the approaches that we, as a researcher, can use to overcome a big and complex scientific question in 5G and beyond technologies. One of the main challenges in 4G and 5G technology is that the number of wireless devices is increasing day by day and based on the predictions the capacity of 4G and 5G technologies will be overwhelmed in a near future. Hence, designing appropriate multiple access is an important topic in the next generation of wireless communication (6G) to achieve a high capacity and high spectral efficiency. The Ericson grant provides funds for the collaborative research visit of me from the communication system and network group (CSN), Mid Sweden University to Prof. Čedomir Stefanović’s group at Aalborg University. The Ericson grant can help me to make this research visit possible. The research visit needs funding for several educational and personal expenses e.g, accommodation, food and etc.

Sujash: I have received the Ericsson Research Grant to support my collaborative research work at UiB (University of Bergen). My supervisor, Prof. Mikael Gidlund, suggested me to apply for the grant, and I am very happy to receive it finally. The application process includes a proposal of my research subject (Internet of Vehicles – Privacy and Security) with my new innovative ideas with fast symmetric cryptographic techniques. The grant will cover my long-term research visit to UiB.

Where are you going?

Farnaz: I am invited to visit Prof. Čedomir Stefanović research group in Edge computing and networking, Aalborg University, during the autumn of 2022 and spring of 2023. I will work with Prof. Čedomir Stefanović’s group to design new multiple access algorithms in order to provide favorable performance in terms of the novel metrics like the age of information and value of information, which involve advanced, machine-learning-based optimization frameworks.

Sujash: I have been invited to join the Simula Research Group at University of Bergen, one of Europe´s best Cyber Security and Cryptographic lab. I will work with Prof. Øyvind Ytrehus, a very well-known professor in cyber security and coding research field. I will go to Bergen in November and join the group. My plan is to collaborate with them for at least six months and have some very good publications! 

What are you going to do?

Farnaz: The purpose of this visit is to strengthen the collaboration between Mid Sweden University and Aalborg University. Aalborg University is a world-leading university, renowned for its excellence in wireless communications and networks, especially in the field of 5G-and-beyond systems. During the visit, I will perform research on the next generation of multiple access, focusing on the design of access algorithms that provide favorable performance in terms of the novel metrics like the age of information and value of information, and which involve advanced, machine-learning-based optimization frameworks.

Sujash: My focus is to develop cryptographic solutions for the Privacy and security issues in the IoV network with fast, anonymous authentication techniques and key sharing. Also, my focus is to develop solutions for offline verifiability of vehicles in an IoV network in case of natural or other disasters.

However, Bergen is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and there is a big chance for me to do some hiking! I want to experience the city with its beauty and nightlife and maybe take the opportunity to do Cruise tours from there!

I am very much looking forward to going to Bergen.


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