Thu 16 Feb 2023 15:49

On February 16, Yali Nie successfully presented her doctoral thesis "Deep Learning Approaches Towards Skin Lesion Classification with Dermoscopic Images".

Yali Nie poses in front of the camera with her thesis and a bouquet of flowers.
Yali Nie, new doctor at STC Research Centre.

Opponent to the thesis was Associate Professor Domenico Capriglione, University of Cassino and Southern Lazio, Italy. In the grading committee was Professor Marcus Liwicki, Luleå University of Technology, Professor Christopher Zach, Chalmers University of Technology and Professor Karl Åström, Lund University. Supervisor to Yali was Associate Professor Jan Lundgren and Co-supervisor was Professor Mattias O’Nils.

We congratulate Yali for her excellent work and wish her good luck for the future.

Did you miss the presentation? You can watch it again via the Youtube-link below.

Watch Yali’s presentation

En person håller en presentation, på en stor skärm visas en bild som föreställer en världskarta.
Watch Yali present her Doctoral thesis " Deep Learning Approaches Towards Skin Lesion Classification with Dermoscopic Images ".
One person talking into a microphone and another person standing in the background.
One person sits in front of a screen while four other people are visible on a large screen at the side.
Three people stand next to each other, each with a glass in hand.
Three people pose in front of the camera.
A printed thesis set up in front of a bouquet of flowers.


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