Meet Faeze ‑ New industrial PhD‑student

Mon 06 Mar 2023 13:10

Faeze Zakaryapour is a new Industrial PhD-student at Mid Sweden University and Media Research. In her research, the objective is to develop an AI system that automates tasks and processes required by the Media Research Company.

Faeze Zakaryapour

Can you tell me a little about your background?

Sure! My background is mainly in Computer Science. During my undergraduate studies in Iran, I appreciated learning various theoretical (mathematic-based) courses such as Linear Algebra. Following my bachelor's, I pursued a master's degree in Artificial Intelligence and soft computing at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences (IASBS). During this time, I attended several practical courses in data science and AI, and I was able to conduct independent research. My master's thesis is entitled Deep Neural Networks for Multi-hop Question Answering (QA), which examines the use of deep neural networks in improving a challenging natural language processing task. Following the completion of my master's degree, I joined the Bioinformatics team at IASBS as an AI research assistant before starting my Ph.D.

What are you going to investigate as a PhD-student?

In this research, our objective is to develop an AI system that automates tasks and processes required by the Media Research Company. To this end, my focus is mainly on utilizing computer vision technologies to design and create this system. Our primary goal is to enhance the performance and efficiency of object detection algorithms for Advertisement detection by developing deep learning architectures and leveraging optimization algorithms.  To achieve this, we provide annotated data, develop deep learning architectures, and leverage optimization algorithms. Our next goal is to analyze the identified advertisements for potential future use.

Why did you choose to apply for this position?

This position could give me the opportunity to work in industry and face real-world problems during my Ph.D. studies. The challenge of using my research results to solve an industry problem is so fascinating to me. In addition, I had the experience of working with various datasets and models during my education so far. Therefore, I found this position relevant to my background as well.

How do you like it so far?

My expectations have been accurately reflected. I find this position to be challenging, but also rewarding. It is a great opportunity to improve your skills from both research and industry perspectives. Overall, I have enjoyed working with the Media Research team and my supervisors at Mid Sweden University.


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