Research Visit on Anomaly Detection Approaches and Intelligence Partitioning for IoT Nodes

Wed 10 May 2023 09:16

STC’s researcher Dr. Irida Shallari has recently visited Ontario Tech University to work with colleagues and collaborate regarding upcoming projects.

A woman stands in front of a large whiteboard and television screen and lectures.

Irida was on a research visit to the Visual Computing Lab at the Ontario Tech University. This visit is part of the collaboration with Prof. Faisal Qureshi for the project EDGY, where they are investigating different classes of anomaly detection approaches. The scope is to use such algorithms for the detection of faults in the railway mounting.

During her visit, she presented some of the work that STC do on Intelligence Partitioning. The purpose of this presentation was to demonstrate the complexity of deploying elaborate deep neural network (DNN) models developed in labs into IoT nodes and how can we enable such deployments via means of distributed processing, quantization and pruning.


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