Meet Amanda ‑ New computer science PhD‑student

Wed 14 Jun 2023 11:16

Amanda Ericson is a new computer science PhD-student at Mid Sweden University. Her research will center on "Secure and Reliable Internet Infrastructure for Future Distributed AI Services".

En blond kvinna med glasögon och svart tröja

Tell us about your background and how you ended up here with us.

I grew up here in Sundsvall. My academic progression led me to a master's degree in computer engineering in 2021, followed by hands-on experience as a systems developer. My grandfather, a retired university lecturer, has definitely been a big inspiration source throughout my academic studies. His expertise, especially in challenging math or physics problems, has been an invaluable resource. Combined with my personal interests and ambition it led me towards the decision to pursue PhD studies in the field of Computer science.

Why did you choose to apply for the position as a PhD student at Mid Sweden University?

My passion for continuous learning and innovation has always nudged me towards furthering my education. After earning my master's degree in computer engineering, the tempt of delving deeper into research and contributing to the scientific community became stronger. With my positive experiences as an engineering student at Mid Sweden University it was a pretty natural choice to pursuit my studies here.

What is going to be your focus during your PhD-studies?

My research will center on the "Secure and Reliable Internet Infrastructure for Future Distributed AI Services". I aim to make some insightful contributions to the field, improving the understanding and development of secure and reliable infrastructures that can effectively support AI services.


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