Faster measurements with higher accuracy over larger seabed surface |

Faster measurements with higher accuracy over larger seabed surface

Fri 15 Sep 2023 10:41

Pollution in water can affect both people and society. Therefore, it is important to continue with investigations of the fibre banks, a remnant from the pulp industry, which are located off the coast of Sundsvall, among other places.

A man in a lab coat lowers an instrument into a small aquarium filled with dark liquid.

In the fibre banks there are instances of heavy metals, such as lead and mercury.

Associate Professor Börje Norlin has developed a measuring instrument that is immersed in the fibre mass and measures heavy metals and other environmentally hazardous substances using X-ray technology.

The equipment has now been further developed so that it is also possible to measure the concentration of environmental toxins in several layers and with ten times faster measurement results than before.

The demonstrator placed next to an aquarium that contains material from fibre banks.

"The changes we have made to the demonstrator mean that we can map the fibre banks at a greater depth. We will get a clearer picture of the deeper layers and what they contain. It will also be possible to carry out the measurements faster, with increased accuracy and a larger area can be measured," says Associate Professor Börje Norlin. We want to continue working with research on fibre banks. We hope that the demonstrator can eventually be used in commercial environmental work.

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