Meet Marianthi Adamopoulou, new PhD‑student at STC

Fri 29 Sep 2023 14:11

Meet Marianthi Adamopoulou from Greece. She is a new PhD-student at STC and she will study sound imaging using machine learning.

Kvinna med grön tröja framför en blomsterrabatt

Tell us about your background and how you ended up here with us

My studies in Greece were on Electrical and Electronic Engineering; some of my courses were on automation, IoT, electrical installations, etc. I saw the PhD position that was offered by the university, I liked the project, and I applied.

Why did you choose to apply for the position as a PhD student at Mid Sweden University?

I have a great interest in research, and I really liked the project that was offered by Mid Sweden University. In addition, I have to work on ML (Machine Learning) with programming languages I am interested in, so it was a perfect fit for my interests.

What is going to be your focus during your PhD-studies?

My focus will be on sound imaging, which means that I will process sound, and my result will be an image with ML (Machine Learning).


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