Prof. Mårten Sjöström visited China to initiate new research collaborations

Wed 28 Feb 2024 11:25

In the beginning of December 2023, Professor Mårten Sjöström visited China with the goal to establish new collaborations with Beijing Wuzi University and Beijing Jiatong University.

Mårten Sjöström står i trapphuset på campus.
Prof. Mårten Sjöström, leader of the Realistic 3D Research Group.

Prof. Sjöström’s first destination was Beijing Wuzi University, where he was warmly welcomed by Guo Qian, Dean of the University of Statistic and Computer Science, Lu Yinan, from international collaborations and exchanges, and Jiang Tao, Assistant Dean. Together, they engaged discussions regarding prospective collaborations and exchanges involving students, PhD candidates, and researchers.

Fem personer sitter på rad och gör tummen upp, i bakgrunden logotyp för Beijing Wuzi University.

Prof. Mårten Sjöström at Beijing Wuzi University. Photo: Beijing Wuzi University

- While formal agreements have yet to be signed, I am optimistic about the immense potential for a collaboration between Mid Sweden University and Beijing Wuzi University, says Prof. Mårten Sjöström.

During his visit, Prof. Mårten Sjöström also gave a highly appreciated presentation titled "Design and Methods of Quantitative Research", which was well-received by the academic community at Beijing Wuzi University.

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En man står på en scen och talar.

Prof. Mårten Sjöström held a presentation for the academia. Photo: Beijing Wuzi University.

Additionally, Prof. Sjöström also reconnected with Shan Gao, a former exchange student who now work as an Assistant Professor at the university. It was in 2021-2022 that Shan Gao got the opportunity to do one year as an exchange PhD-student abroad. She was interested in Light field imaging and found Prof. Mårten Sjöström and his research team Realistic 3D at Mid Sweden University, as a good match to her work.

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Next stop for Prof. Sjöström was Beijing Jiatong University, where he held presentation for a research group led by Prof. Gangrong Qu, with whom Prof. Sjöström previously has co-published with Dr. Shan Gao.

- Prof. Qu is a mathematician with an expertise in inverse problems for image-related problems, which complements my research very well, says Prof. Mårten Sjöström.

Concluding his visit to China, Prof. Sjöström met Anthony Trioux, a French researcher who currently work as an Assistant Professor at Xidian University in Xi'an. Their discussions was initiated during Anthony's prior visit to Mid Sweden University in May 2022, and were now resumed.

- We continued our discussions to explore research opportunities during this visit and will advance them on a future visit to China, concludes Prof. Sjöström.


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