Working within a company offer advantages to the research

Wed 27 Mar 2024 09:43

There are many advantages to being an industrial PhD, according to Ziqin Tang, PhD student at Miun, doing their research-study at the company Starbit. Access to all the technical conditions you may need but also experienced employees who can provide advice and support is an important contribution.

En person i en grön jacka står framför ett träd, med flera byggnader i bakgrunden.

Can you tell briefly about your background?

I completed my Master's in Electronic Engineering at Mittuniversitetet from 2019 to 2021. During this time, I undertook my master's thesis at a software company in Uppsala, specializing in enhancing video stabilization methods.

Following my thesis, I transitioned into the role of an application engineer at the same company, where I gained hands-on experience in video processing.

How come you are doing your PhD at Mid Sweden University?

I was drawn to the opportunity to pursue my Ph.D. at Mid Sweden University due to my keen interest in the program. After submitting my CV and relevant documents, I was invited for an interview. Following that, I was offered the chance to join the program, and here I am now.

What made you interested in the program? 

I became interested in the program due to my background in electronic engineering and my passion for applying technology to solve real-world problems. The opportunity to delve into AI-based image analysis within LOT nodes (Layer of Protection Time) particularly intrigued me because it presents a unique challenge at the intersection of engineering, AI, and environmental science. The idea of developing a system to analyze images and predict the depth of snow, which could have practical applications in various fields such as transportation and climate monitoring, resonated with me. Additionally, the potential to contribute to advancements in this area and make a meaningful impact further motivated me to explore the subject.

What does it mean to be an industrial PhD student?

Being an industrial Ph.D. student typically involves conducting research within a specific academic field while also being closely affiliated with an industrial partner, such as a company or organization. This arrangement allows the student to work on research projects that have practical applications in industry while still pursuing an academic degree.

What are your research studies about?

My research focuses on AI-based image analysis within LOT nodes. For my initial project, I'm developing a system to analyze images and predict the depth of snow.

How does this method with LOT-nodes for exploring snow depth work?

The method utilizes AI-based image analysis, particularly convolutional neural networks (CNNs), to either predict snow depth or camera parameters, emphasizing power efficiency. Images of snow-covered surfaces are collected and processed LOT nodes, representing layers of protection time, are integrated into the analysis, prioritizing power efficiency.

What advantages do you think it brings to your research to be at a company?

Working within a company can offer several advantages to my research. Firstly, being situated in a company environment provides access to valuable resources such as specialized equipment, datasets, and industry expertise, which can significantly enhance the quality and scope of my research.

Additionally, collaborating with industry professionals allows for practical insights and feedback, ensuring that my research remains relevant and aligned with real-world applications. Moreover, being in a company setting may facilitate the integration of my research findings into commercial products or services, ultimately leading to impactful outcomes and potential for industry adoption.


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