Dr. Aamir Mahmood ‑ new associate professor at STC

Thu 23 May 2024 15:08

On May 23rd Dr. Aamir Mahmood was appointed associate professor at STC!

En man står framför åhörare och håller en presentation.

We congratulate Dr. Aamir Mahmood who gave his trial lecture on Thursday 233rd of May. His lecture was titled “Wireless Edge Intelligence: A Fusion of Network Senses”.


Just as human senses enable perception and cognition, shaping our understanding and interaction with the environment, wireless networking technologies are increasingly mirroring these functions through advanced features such as intelligent connectivity, time synchronization, positioning, and integrated sensing and communication. This lecture presents the evolution of wireless networks towards multipurpose networks, illustrating how these 'network senses' are being integrated at the wireless edge to enhance the intelligence, responsiveness, and efficiency of the systems and applications. To conclude, this talk captures the future of wireless edge intelligence scenarios, where networks extend beyond mere connectivity to become perceptive, intelligent, and highly adaptive systems.



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