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Read our articles within exciting areas in Internet of Sports, such as wearables, implants, apps and other possibilities for digitizing products and services.

Recent Kinematic and Kinetic Advances in Olympic Alpine Skiing: Pyeongchang and Beyond – article

Recent Kinematic and Kinetic Advances in Olympic Alpine Skiing: Pyeongchang and Beyond

Here, we present an update on the biomechanics of alpine ski racers and their equipment. The technical and tactical ability of today’s world-class skiers have adapted substantially to changes in equipment, snow conditions and courses. The wide variety of terrain, slopes, gate setups and snow conditions involved in alpine skiing requires skiers to continuously adapt, alternating between carving and skidding turning techniques. The technical complexity places a premium on minimizing energy dissip

The training of Olympic alpine ski racers – Scientific article

The Training of Olympic Alpine Ski Racers

Here, we describe how Olympic athletes from four of the major alpine ski racing nations prepared for the Olympic Games in South Korea in 2018. This overview describes their typical exercise programs with respect to physical conditioning, ski training and periodization, based on interviews with the coaching staff.

Digitaliserade utförsåkare1

The digitalized downhill skier

From high-speed cameras to smart textiles – the Alpine elite use modern technology to refine their skiing technique. – We are working proactively with digitalization, says Tommy Eliasson, Alpine director of the Swedish Ski Association.


First outdoor case for internationalisation

Mid Sweden University's Internet of Sports project delivers: Here comes an exciting digitalisation of a solid outdoor product!

Johan Bergman

Preparation with sensor tests ahead of the World Championships

Mid Sweden University's project, Internet of Sports, in exciting feedback tests at Östersund Stadium:

Artikel om VR för idrottare

Virtual Reality Systems for Athletes

The potential usefulness of virtual reality systems for athletes: a short SWOT analysis

test av sensorer

Sensor tests to deliver more medals

By means of advanced sensor tests, researchers can measure exactly where on a track a skier slows down or speeds up. This allows their performance to be analysed and training sessions adjusted. The goal is to win more medals during World Championships.