First outdoor case for internationalisation

Mid Sweden University's Internet of Sports project delivers: Here comes an exciting digitalisation of a solid outdoor product!

Professor Matej Supej with the classic Trangia kitchen which today sells in several other countries in the world. We hope that the requested features can trigger further growth and create a new interest in outdoor activities.

The innovative project, Centre of Health Innovation – Home of Internet of Sports, funded by the European Regional Development Fund, Mid Sweden University (Winter Sports Research Centre) and Östersund municipality – delivers its first case!

The project creates processes that, through a quick and innovative model, will prepare research for the market. Demand-driven, excellent research provides innovative, competitive products in sports and performance technologies for companies, our national ski teams and community challenges in public health. The project consists of a team of scientists from five different countries, with supervisor Professor Matej Supej and international counselor Professor HC Holmberg in absolute world class. The team will also receive international and Swedish students in September. It is central to the project to create regional growth by commercialising science.

The project focuses on regional growth and has now digitised Trangia's traditional camping kitchen. An historical day? Yes, given that the Trangia kitchen has remained unchanged for 70 years and digitalisation has been quite unthinkable until now. The project has used sensor technology to detect both the temperature inside the boiler and out in the air, thus giving an accurate estimate of cooking time and fuel consumption.

– It is interesting, we will use some of this to make our customers satisfied and reach new groups, says Magnus Rydell, CEO of Trangia in Trångsund.

Professor Matej Supej has been in charge of the development of Trangia's prestigious product.
– Temperatures inside the boiler and outside in the surroundings are of great importance for cooking time and fuel consumption, tests have been carried out at low and high temperatures and authentic conditions, says Matej Supej.

Professor HC Holmberg adds:
– The Swedish Winter Sports Research Centre is Sweden's leading environment in sports research and performance technology, and Trangia's outdoor case shows an excellent way in how different types of knowledge can be combined to further develop an already established and well-known product and reach more customers.

– An interesting product, says project manager and market strategist Kee Bergman, and a challenge of digitising such an already established product needs to be done carefully, based on the need and a unique profile. Important that Mid Sweden University becomes part of a future where we are involved in development and can offer the students to learn closely and participating in processes where research and market are integrated into each other.

Karin Mattsson Weijber on the project board agrees:
– This is definitely an exciting product beyond the usual. It also shows that properly managed combined initiatives such as the municipality - the Swedish Agency for Growth and Development and academy really work and create regional competitiveness, the project covers the entire process from research to completion of the market.