Cross-Border Collaboration for Safety (GSS)

Cross-border Collaboration for Safety (GSS) is a project under Interreg Sweden-Norway 2007–2013, which focuses on attractive living environment, aims to develop skills, techniques and procedures for joint crisis management and security-threatening situations in the Mid Nordic border areas. The project is run jointly by Mid Sweden University and the colleges in the North-Trøndelag region.

The project is based on the daily problems, difficulties and challenges as experienced by the workers and other stakeholders in the field of emergency rescue and safety.  Problems with safety and security are in many respects, enhanced in the border areas.

The overall objective of the GSS is to help improve security, and hence better quality of life, both for the population living permanently on the boundary as the visitors who are staying temporarily in the area. Working towards this goal provides increased opportunities to save lives and health, and to limit damage to the environment and material (financial) assets.

The project involves the Norwegian and Swedish county administration boards, the police, and the affected sector agencies and enterprises. The project is run in close collaboration with the project Boundless Geographic Information (GGI II) and its partners. GSS will be active years 2010–2013 with a total budget of approximately EUR 500,000.

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Practical information

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Project manager
Professor Viveca Asproth, Informatics