Local media entrepreneurship in rural areas

This project takes its starting point in the effects of the development that has been taking place over the last ten years in local media in Sweden; more than every third local editorial office has closed down. The project will investigate how this absence can be remedied through local initiatives.


One of the goals of the project is to develop strategies and models that can be used in the media industry by future journalists in training and entrepreneurs who have started or are looking to start their own local news and information agencies in rural areas.

We will be studying entrepreneurs who have established local news services, and use interviews and observations to find out more about their work.

In one substudy, we will use action research to start and run news and information agencies. Based on these experiences we will develop strategies and models for future entrepreneurship in rural area local media.

The findings will show how local journalism in areas considered small or unprofitable for traditional media can be revitalized.

The project is a collaboration between Mid Sweden University and Lund University, as well as a number of municipalities, and current and potential media entrepreneurs in rural areas from north to south.

Participating in this project are Elisabeth Stúr, Lars Nord and Lottie Jangdal from Mid Sweden University, and Asta Cepaite-Nilsson from Lund University.  

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Elisabeth Stúr




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