Crisis Communication in the Digital Society

The aim of the project is to systematically analyze the conditions for a successful government communications during crises in terms of communication with the public and the media and also develop methods for effective learning around new communication patterns in the digital media environment.

The major changes that have occurred in Swedish society over the past decades in terms of media development and media use is central to the analysis of how the crisis affected the communication and may be affected in the future.

The central issues in this project are:
• What characterizes the authorities' strategic crisis communication in the digital media environment?
• What is the public's use of digital media in times of crisis?
• What roll plays the digital media development for the news media coverage of crises?
• What crisis communicative models have the greatest opportunities to develop successfully in the future course of the crisis, characterized by increasingly complex digital communication and media structures?
• What are the key lessons learned from the crisis communication in the digital media environment, and how can these experiences best be considered in the future learning on the authorities' crisis management and confidence building?

Facts about the project

Project Manager:
Prof. Lars Nord
2013 – 2015
Forum for Crisis Preparedness Economic Security, FCP ES