The European Tourism Research Institute (ETOUR) at Mid Sweden University develops and communicates scientific knowledge about tourism and travel sector as well as destination development. 

ETOUR works closely with entrepreneurs and the industry, NGOs, and governmental entities. ETOUR is Sweden's leading tourism research institute. In 2009 it was instrumental in developing the first PhD program in Tourism Studies in Sweden.


Working towards a new international Master’s programme in gastronomy

Together with the universities of Parma, Alicante and Bergen, Mid Sweden University is currently developing an International Master’s programme on the role of food in achieving a more sustainable future within the framework of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN).


UN assignment for ETOUR scientist

Dr. Lusine Margaryan from the European Tourism Research Institute (ETOUR), Mid Sweden University, has been invited to contribute to the UN’s Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services - IPBES - forthcoming report on the sustainable use of wild species.


The impact of events can now be evaluated in a new way

For many destinations, events like music festivals and sports events are opportunities to attract tourists and to place the destination on the map. Together with the Mid Sweden University research centre ETOUR, a panel of experts in tourism research has identified six indicators that can be used to capture the effect of events on the communities in which they take place.