New post doc researcher in Materials Physics

Manisha R. Phadatare is new post doc researcher in the research group Materials Physics.

manisha 02 beskuren.jpg
Manisha R. Phadatare is new post doc researcher in Materials Physics at FSCN Research centre.

Dr. Manisha R. Phadatare is  working as post-doctoral researcher in the department of natural sciences at Mid Sweden University in Sundsvall. Currently, she is working on preparation of silicon-graphene based anode materials for Li-ion batteries together with Jonas Örtegren and Håkan Olin et al. She started to work here in Sundsvall in July 2017 and she is planning to stay here until December 2018.

She has earlier worked as an assistant professor, in the department of medical physics,
D. Y. Patil University, Kolhapur in India. She completed her PhD exam in physics in the area of magnetic nanoparticles and its nanofluids for hyperthermia cancer therapy in the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research, D. Y. Patil University, Kolhapur, India, in 2014. After her PhD exam she has worked on the synthesis of core-shell magnetic nanoparticles in order to increase specific absorption rate of magnetic nanoparticles.

We wish Manisha welcome and hope she will enjoy working with us.