Licentiate seminar with Jonas Johansson

Welcome to licentiate seminar with Jonas Johansson. The title of the seminar is; The Swedish durable wood materials market - industry structure and consumer perceptions´. The seminar will be in English.

Lic seminar Jonas Johansson.jpg

Jonas Johansson is industry employed PhD student in the research school FORIC. He works at SCA Tmber AB. Read more about his research project on

Main Supervisor

Leif Olsson

Adjunct Supervisor

Christer Strandberg

Faculty Examiner

Anders Qvale Nyrud


During the last few decades, the range of durable-wood material products has increased, with new products entering the market. The purpose of this thesis is to explore the Swedish durable wood-materials market from both an industry-structure and post-purchase-consumer perspective. The industry structure analysis suggests that the power of buyers and the threat from substitutes can pose challenges. The results from the consumer study reveals that end-consumers’ level of product information remains the same pre and post-purchase. With a growing range of commercially available durable wood materials and the low-information involvement of end-consumers, the industry is encouraged to work proactively and embrace the current development to strengthen the firms’ offerings.

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