2D Inks is a Vinnova verification project. The project idea is to verify if a unique scalable process, which can produce two-dimensional materials in industrial quantities at low cost, can be used for commercial products.


2D materials are new unique materials, one or a few molecular dimensions thick in one dimension and significantly larger in the other two dimensions. These materials, together with our process, facilitate both new ways to produce products as well as completely new products. Graphene is the first 2D material we will investigate.

2D inks will focus on a niche market, electrically conducting inks. This market has today (2012) a turnover of 2.86 billion USD and is expected to grow to 3.36 billion USD in 2018. We will verify a niche product on this niche market: a graphene based electrically conducting ink, that gives significantly better conductive properties compared to existing carbon inks.

Today silver inks are used to a large extent to print conductive lines. These inks are extremely costly. There exists a number of application in which our ink could replace silver inks. There is also a number of products that could become profitable with a less expensive ink. Our offer is, printed electrical conductivity, to a reasonable price.

Researcher in the area

Sven Forsberg, project manager