Climate - collaborative learning initiative managing and adapting to the environment

The program will tackle climate change on local and regional levels through increasing public awareness and using models of best practice to develop climate adaptation plans for local authorities.


This project brings various stakeholders together, to deliver program across four different regions – Northern Ireland, Sweden, Republic of Ireland & The Faroe Islands, in addition associate partners from Finland, Scotland, Norway & Iceland will also be involved in the project to ensure effective project reach both during and after programme duration.

The project will utilise the “triple helix” community partnership concept as delivery of the project will involve a working relationship between university, municipalities, industry and government to harness local knowledge and research in terms of climate change causes and effects within the regions so that the results of this research and the management tools developed can be disseminated throughout the Northern Periphery and Arctic area and beyond.

The main project objective is: 

Promote and improve climate change awareness in European peripheral rural communities through a knowledge based approach and community led sustainable resource planning that will mitigate against future climate impact and incorporating transnational collaboration through a best practice model which will improve preparedness for sustainable environmental management in future years.

Involved UK and Irish partners’ will therefore learn significantly from the climate adaptation expertise of Scandinavian & Faroes partners whilst UK and Irish partners’ will share their knowledge & experience of effectively utilising a ‘bottom-up’ community led approach to achieving desired results. The project will also develop a preparedness scale matrix for local authorities & partners will be able to disseminate best practice models widely.

Project periode

2017-06-01 – 2020-03-31

Project partners

Sweden: Mid Sweden University, Sundsvall Municipality, Härnösand Municipality, SMHI and county administration of Västernorrland Northern Ireland: Derry City & Strabane District Council (project leader), RAPID (Rural Area Partnership in Derry), Department of Agriculture Environment and Rural Affairs. Ireland: Climate NI and Climate Ireland. Iceland: Vatnajokull National Park and South-East Iceland Nature Centre Scotland: Adaptation Scotland. Norway: International Barents Secretariat. The Faroe Islands: University of the Faroe Islands, County Governor of Finnmark, Torshavn Municipality and SEV.

Project funding

EU - The Interreg Programme for the Northern Periphery and Arctic, cooperation agreement between Mid Sweden University and Sundsvall / Härnösand Municipalities.

Researchers in the area


Bengt-Gunnar Jonsson

PhD student

Jennie Sandström