Design and development of climatic wind tunnel for Physiological Sports Experimentation

The aim of the project was to create a standard laboratory environment where various types of physical activities in sports and outdoor could be conducted and studied under relevant weather and wind conditions.

Projekt bygge vindtunnel IMG_0394 - Kopia.jpg

The project was a collaboration between researchers at the Sports Tech Research Centre and Loughborough University, England. The project group's work was to create a laboratory requirement profile, to develop and evaluate optimal design and geometry through computerized simulations of air flow and rainfall, and to validate these through physical measurements in a fully established environment.

The work resulted in a unique laboratory consisting of a combination of a physiological laboratory and a wind tunnel. Various activities such as walking, running, wheelchair and roller skiing, inlines and cycling can be carried out on a large treadmill under adjustable weather and wind conditions. With the establishment of the laboratory, the next step was taken in the development of a more valid and relevant environment for tests of athletes in many different disciplines. In addition, an environment was created where companies in the outdoor industry can test the functionality of their garments and equipment at selected physical activities and under conditions similar to the ones in which they will be used.

The result of the project and the unique concept was published in an international scientific journal.

The project has been partly funded by the European Regional Development Fund.