Detection of magnetic particles in hydraulic oil

This project is aimed at the detection and characterization of magnetic particles in hydraulic fluid. This is an industrial application of video processing at low sampling rates in the temporal domain. Reaching low energy for a battery powered wireless solution is a clear research challenge. Early experimental work on modelling behaviour and energy consumption for this smart camera application was carried out during 2009. From the master thesis that Mohammad Anzar Alam presented, we can conclude that battery life times of about six years can be expected if the camera is powered with four AA batteries. These results were approximated for a micro controller based smart camera including also LED flash light and RF communication and at a sampling rate of about 45 minutes. An experimental optical measurement cell having a hydraulic system of circulating oil, polluted with particles was built and delivered from our partner company Rexroth Bosch Group (Hägglunds).


Senior researchers
Dr. Najeem Lawal
Prof. Mattias O'Nils

PhD students
Muhammad Imran