Online paper topography measurement

Online topography measurements will enable our partners to improve quality and the efficiency of use of raw material at paper mills. High quality glossy paper is covered with clay. This process can be improved with our innovative measurement system such that paper quality can be better controlled. Even and well controlled output quality usually means that industry can earn more money on their products. An experimental topography measurement system for laboratory environments was set up to work with good results during 2008. During 2009, an online measurement system was set up to work at Iggesund paper mill running a prototype paper line at 800 m/minute. Experiments at Iggesund paper board was carried out for 5 weeks of real life production. This project is now turning into a phase of innovation under the name OnTop.



Senior researchers
Prof. Mattias O’Nils
Dr. Anatoliy Manuilskiy
Dr. Jan Thim