STC was founded in 2005 and today there are more than 70 researchers working at the center, of which 11 are professors

The research environment is at the forefront with a number of well-equipped labs including optics, X-ray, 3D and a high classed clean room. Nine different research groups, all experts in their field operate within STC. The research groups cooperate in many of the projects and often in co-production with industry.

Important milestones

2005 The research profile Sensible Things that Communicate - STC was founded and includes all research within electronics and computer science at Mid Sweden University.

2011 STC gets highest rating from the Knowledge Foundation in the final report.

2011 The two research center's STC and FSCN become announced as a KK-Environment by the Knowledge Foundation. 

2013 STC becomes a research center at Mid Sweden University.

2015 STC celebrates 10 years anniversary

Prizes and awards STC

Researchers within the STC have over the years become awarded in different contexts. Many reasearchers have received awards for Best Paper, Best Demo and Best Presentation at various research conferences. Here are some other awards that the researchers gained over the years:

  • STC researcher Benny Thörnberg was the third best in Sweden in the final of Researcher Grand Prix (2014).
  • Entrepreneur of the Year at Sundsvall Business Award - Prof. Matthias O'Nils with the company OnTop Measurement which is a spin-off from STC (2013).
  • STC researcher won best research proposal on "Jag har en idé-tävlingen" (Ulf Jennehag, Patrik Österberg, Stefan Forsström, Victor Kardeby and Mattias O'Nils, 2013)
  • STC researchers Najeem Lawal won "Jag har en idé-tävlingen" and is placed third in the Venture Cup North finals with "OnParticle" (2011-2012)
  • STC researchers Jan Thim, Mattias O'Nils, Anatoliy Manuilskiy and Muhammad Anzar Alam Won Venture Cup with a optical measurement system (2010-2011)
  • Peng Cheng and Yan Yang from STC wins the student category of micro/nano Embedded Award 2009 with a RPM-sensor.


Spinn-off companies

STC has produced seven spinn-off companies since the beginning in 2005. Here your will find a short presentation of each company.

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