On October 15th it was once again time for the big STC Expo event. This year we looked into how business and growth can contribute to a more sustainable society. Many exciting lectures were held and in the exhibition area you got the opportunity to see the latest research in the field of Computer Science and Electronics.

About STC

At the Research Centre STC - Sensible Things That Communicate - new sensor, communication and application solutions are developed. The goal is to, along with businesses, create innovation and growth. STC Expo is an event where researchers, students and industry meet. The day consists of lectures from including STC researcher who talks about the latest developments. And external lecturers such as STC's partners. In addition a major exhibition is organized in connection with the lectures where STC's scientists and collaborators show their example.

About STC Expo:

STC Expo is an annual conference that provides examples of collaborative research, innovations for industrial measurement systems and new sensor applications based on mobile phones. STC Expo is a meeting of plastic for researchers, entrepreneurs and innovators in the electronics industry. It is arranged together with the IT conference Sundsvall 42, during week 42.

Speaker 2013

"Introduktion" - Mattias O´Nils, STC
Professor in Elektronics and leader of the research center STC at Mid Sweden University.

"Ekonomiskt och teknologisk driven hållbarutveckling" - Andreas Gyllenhammar, Sweco
Environmental researcher and Chief Sustainability Officer at Sweco.

"EnergyWiser – Inbyggda sensorsystem för energieffektivisering" - Bengt Oelmann, STC 
Professor in Elektronics at research center STC, Mid Sweden University

"KM2 – Papper som ger energi" - Håkan Olin, FSCN
Professor in Applied Physics at the researchcenter FSCN, Mid Sweden University.

"Innovationer för hållbarhet" - Åsa Claesson
Head of department at Acreo Swedish ICT AB

"Nya och effektiva hållbara affärer med framtidens sensorteknik" - Tommy Ytterström, Pro&Pro 
Founder and CEO at Pro&Pro, a management and consulting company

All presentations from STC Expo 2013