We offer an Master by Research (MBR) in the subjects of Electronics and Computer Engineering where the students start up their own project.


The Master by Research (MBR) programme targets those who are highly motivated to develop skills and knowledge for future career in academic, industrial or public R&D. This is also an excellent preparation for future doctoral studies.

MBR is a study programme where the students start up their own project, which after two years will lead a Master's thesis. The students will be a member of a research group at STC and carry out research closely supervised by a professor and other members of the research group.

Only a few students will be admitted to MBR. If you have shown excellent results in your Bachelor studies and are self-motivated to further specialize in your field academically, this is something for you.

Master by Research in Computer Engineering

Master by Research in Electronics

Researchs Groups at STC

Autonomous sensor systems

The research group within Autonomous sensor systems develop technologies in the areas of energy harvesting and embedded sensors targeting autonomous sensor systems with a focus on industrial...

Communication Systems and Networks

The Communication Systems and Networks group focuses on research areas to better understand and develop communication networks, particularly in the wireless domain.

Detector and Photonics

Develops detectors; thermal detector for CO2 based indoor climate control, electron detectors and detectors for Thermal Neutrons. Within photonics the main focus is on the development of new optica...

Power Electronics

Positions the research within high frequency power supplies in the frontline. The research have presented the only isolated converter above 3MHz with an efficiency exceeding requirements from...

Printed Sensor Systems

The research group Printed Sensor Systems develops an inkjet printed humidity sensor. Researchers are evaluating different coatings applied on plastic substrates to promote inkjet printing quality ...

Radiation Sensor Systems

The main activities of the group on Radiation Sensor Systems concern pixellated detectors for ionizing radiation including both particles and photons. A significant part of the work is based on the...

Realistic 3D

The research at Realistic 3D is on Multidimensional Imaging and Visualization with focus on Multiscopic 3D Capture, Coding and Visualization.

Visual Sensor Systems

Study design of embedded electronics systems with a focus on applications where computing electronics, imaging detectors and image analysis is combined.

Entry Requirements

For our Master by Research programme we have general entry requirements and specific entry requirements for each subject.

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