The digital media landscape and local elections 2018

This is a research project with a local and regional perspective on the role and importance of the media in the upcoming election movement 2018. The project is being carried out together with Lindholmen Science Park and Södertörn University.

  1. How has traditional media coverage changed over time?
  2. What is the significance of the new hyperlocal media?
  3. What differences can we see between different types of municipalities / county councils / regions?
  4. What does social media mean in relation to traditional media with professional journalism? How do traditional media relate to the social media platforms?
  5. Where does the citizen collect his or her support for the position in the local / regional elections (according to the citizens themselves)?

Until 2014 there is research on how the rapid change of the media landscape has affected the media's role in election campaigns. But only at the national level. Corresponding research at local and regional level has been missing since 2006. This is precisely why the Digital Media Landscape and Local Elections 2018 is an extremely important research project.

Funding through the Anne-Marie and Gustaf Anders Foundation for Media Research


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Lars Nord


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Gunnar Nygren

Gunnar Nygren