Sports are constantly evolving and impose new demands on equipment and technology while creating opportunities to develop new sustainable products and services.

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Augmented Sports will contribute to the technological development of mainly local and regional companies and organizations so that they can meet the needs of the market.


In sports, there is a need for continuous improvements and reinforcements, augments, in the development of equipment and technology.

The development demands that companies and organizations take heed of innovations and new ideas in order to continue to be successful. The research, knowledge and advanced lab environment built up at the Sports Tech Research Center, as well as the close collaboration with various stakeholders, create good conditions for more and better results that contribute to technological development in companies and organizations as well as research with quality.


The project will help to strengthen the opportunities for product and service development with innovative technology content from the region's companies and organizations. Companies with less opportunities for their own advanced technological development should also be able to benefit directly from the results that the project generates in their own product and business development.


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