Being pregnant during the corona pandemic

Many have seen great changes in their everyday lives during the ongoing pandemic, and changes in maternal health care routines are of particular importance for pregnant women and their partners. This study aims to describe women's experience of being pregnant during the corona pandemic.

Bild på en gravid kvinna som håller i sin mage. Bilden beskuren så att man bara ser magen.

In this qualitative study, pregnant women are interviewed about their experiences of being pregnant during the current pandemic. The women are asked to describe what kind of maternal health care they receive, and how they experience it, as well as their general experience of being pregnant in these unusual times.

About twenty pregnant women from all over the country participate in the study - both women who are pregnant for the first time and women who have been pregnant and given birth before.

The project was initiated by Maja Strandman, master student at the psychologist program. Data collection will take place during the autumn of 2020.


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Elisabet Rondung

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Elin Ternström