BioChange will create conditions for companies to more easily change from fossil based plastics to more biobased plastics by offering quick comparative testing on the raw material before production.



The demand for biobased and more sustainable plastic products has increased and will increase in the foreseeable future. There are many companies in the region and nationally that want to change to more sustainable plastics, but switching from fossil based to more sustainable alternatives in their product range can be easier said than done.

One of the challenges is that companies want the same or better material properties in the new material than the old one. This means that the new material needs to be compared with both the old material as well as in the form of a product.

In order to further support companies with material tests, the existing lab environment needs to be complemented with equipment for injection molding and knowledge. This allows companies to come up with alternative raw materials and be able to quickly compare with existing materials without having to invest in their own equipment.


The project will lay the foundation for a bioplastics material library, installation of a smaller injection molding machine and prepare a changeover package that will make it easier for companies to make the shift.


The project is funded by the Rolf and Gunilla Enström Foundation for Research and Development.


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Kajsa Nilsson

Forskningsingenjör|Research Engineer

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Per Skoglund

Forskningsingenjör|Research Engineer

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