Within the BioRem Fiber research project, the goal is to develop market-adapted environmental technology to clean up fiber banks along the coast of Västernorrland with the help of fungi, plants and bacteria, so-called bioremediation.


The fiber banks have been formed through emissions of contaminated process water from the wood and pulp industry and contain environmentally hazardous heavy metals and organic pollutants. The toxic content of the fiber banks has been mapped by, among others, the County Administrative Board of Västernorrland and Sweden's geological survey and now the next step needs to take. One concrete measure is to build a pilot plant where the fiber material is detoxified from heavy metals and environmental toxins, so that it can then be utilized.

"The project will contribute to a sustainable environment while developing processes for transporting the material for detoxification or for on-site treatment. We implement the project in collaboration with the business community and by being at the forefront of research and development it should also result in companies in the region takes a leading position with its environmental work, which can increase their turnover and create new jobs, "says Erik Hedenström, professor of organic chemistry at the department of chemical engineering at Mid Sweden University.


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