Creating Collaborative Resilience Awareness, Analysis and Action for Finance, Food and Fuel Systems in Interactive Games – CCRAAAFFFTING

This project aims to find out how society can best recover from an IT event, natural disaster, political unrest, or something else that dramatically affects payment systems, transport and food supply.

Demonstration av kortbetalning, VISA-kort, kortläsare

Using a combination of role-playing and computer simulations, the project will bring together decision-makers representing various sectors in order to find new ways for joint crisis management and recovery. 

The CCRAAAFFFTING project is a collaboration between researchers from Mid Sweden University, Linköping University, the University of Skövde and the Combitech. Mid Sweden University researchers will develop and carry out computer-based simulations.

Project leader

Joeri van Laere

Joeri van Laere

Project members

Aron Larsson


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Leif Olsson

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