Custody transfer of children in foster care

Discourses and dilemmas in the social services investigations. The ambition is to contribute with a norm-critical perspective and, through this, method development in the social services' work with custody transfers.

Familj i motljus, kvinna och man som håller en dotter mellan sig.

The research project has two general objectives. One purpose is to investigate which discourses about children's needs and parents' rights are guiding in the district court's decision on custody transfers.

The second purpose is to identify challenges, difficulties and success factors in the social services' work with custody transfers in a number of critical cases.

The first sub-study includes a survey and a critical discourse analysis of a selection of district court judgments (total 89 judgments) from 2014 - 2016.

The second study includes focus group interviews with social secretaries in municipalities where custody transfers have been applied more frequently, as well as a questionnaire study for young adults who have experienced a custody transfer. The questionnaire study examines young adults' access to social relationships and social support.

Blomé, H. & Espvall, M. (forthcoming) Vårdnadsöverflyttningar vid familjehemsplaceringar. Diskursiva och sociala praktiker.


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