Mid Sweden University will create a study object in collaboration with Technichus for comparative studies of the design of indoor environments.

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Technichus will, in an educational way, demonstrate how design and plants can interact to create a sustainable indoor environment that is better for people staying in it and for the environment. The goal is to inspire visitors to Technichus to find sustainable solutions by using plants in indoor environment in their own environments and to have them reflect on sustainability.

In May 2019, Technichus opened an exhibition which starts with the theme "Air". The exhibition will consist of four parts; aerodynamics, air as a natural phenomenon (also linked to energy), pneumatics, the composition of the air. The message is that the air consists of something that affects us. On the lower floor of Technichus there are exhibitions on the global goals, cycles with aquaponic, geology. These are complemented by two study rooms in collaboration between Technichus and Mid Sweden University with different designs and furnishings to measure and evaluate different effects. One with more traditional decor and furniture in square format. The other with plants and more organically shaped furniture.

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Itai Danielski

Universitetslektor|Senior Lecturer

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