Poor indoor environment in elementary schools in Sweden seems to be a problem in many municipalities. DEVA is a concept that aims to explore design alternatives and develop the opportunities to integrate green plants into the environment.

DEVA Timrå Gymnasium

The hypothesis is that green plants integrated in such environments can improve the indoor environment through photosynthesis, removal of airborne particles and humidification. Green plants can also give a sense of nature that can contribute to a better study environment for the students and a better work environment for the teachers.

The project is divided into three work packages: Design development, survey of well-being and performance, and control of the indoor environment. The results of this project are expected to lead to an integrated model for DEVA linked to the systematic work environment (SAM) work at Timrå Gymnasium. It will be possible that can also be used at other schools in the municipality and region on how to improve the indoor environment with cost-effective solutions. These solutions are also expected to have a positive impact on the study results and well-being of students and teachers.

The purpose of Mid Sweden University is to develop an integrated model for DEVA in schools linked to the systematic work environment (SAM) work.

The purpose of Timrå municipality is to develop a model to improve the indoor environment at Timrå Gymnasium that can be applied to other schools in the municipality.

Project leader

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Itai Danielski

Universitetslektor|Senior Lecturer

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