The project group gathered for a two days meeting in Ånn September 17-18, 2020.

The purpose was to discuss the results of the summers field campaigns in the mountains and to draw lines for the future research. The county administration and Åre municipality was invited to participate in the work. Day two we had an excursion in the research area.

From left:
Sharon Maes, Mid Sweden University; Robert Lundqvist, Hjortens laboratorium AB; Martin Andersson, AquaBiota AB; Anders Jonsson, Mid Sweden University; Annika Lundmark, County Administrative Board Västernorrland; Jessica Sjöstedt, MoRe research AB; Ingemar Näslund, County Administrative Board Västernorrland; Daniel Fackel, Municipality of Åre

Not in the picture:
Anna Svedberg, Emma Dufbäck, Jonas Kråik, Jon Hildahl, Monica Odlare