Equivalent mathematics teaching: Competence development in mathematics didactics from an organizational perspective

The purpose of the study is to contribute with a model for collaboration between qualified and unqualified mathematics teachers, so that grades 7-9 students receive an equivalent mathematics education.


The study adopts an interactive research approach, where researchers together with qualified teachers build a theoretical basis for planning mathematics teaching that can support unqualified mathematics teachers in their work.

Furthermore, unqualified teachers 'attitudes to and knowledge of teaching planning and its significance for students' ability to develop mathematical knowledge are analyzed. By examining whether, and if so when, there is a change in the attitude and knowledge of unqualified teachers, critical didactic aspects can be identified. This in turn contributes to knowledge of what type of support is needed and how this can be organized based on the competence of qualified mathematics teachers.


SEK 620 000


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Municipal cooperation

Project leader

Helena Johansson

Universitetslektor|Senior Lecturer

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Anna-Karin Westman

Universitetslektor|Senior Lecturer

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Project members

Thomas Wiman, Sundsvalls kommun

Thomas Wiman, Sundsvalls kommun

Ulf Östholm, Sundsvalls kommun

Ulf Östholm, Sundsvalls kommun