Evaluation of special campaign funds in the election campaigns 2018-2019

The government has commissioned DEMICOM to evaluate the use of the special funds for the parties to information efforts ahead of the 2018 general elections and the 2019 European elections.

Valrörelse Valaffischer

DEMICOM will analyze how the parties used the funds, which voter groups reached by the information efforts and examine whether the efforts influenced the beneficiaries to vote to a greater extent or otherwise participate in the policy. The assignment includes making comparisons with previous research on the political parties' election information to voters and linking to other relevant research on communication in electoral movements.

The Government considers that an evaluation is important in order to improve the knowledge base in order to assess what information efforts can affect the propensity to vote. Furthermore, an evaluation is essential in order for the government to be able to assess the need for future initiatives for upcoming general elections.


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Lars Nord


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