In a sustainable world, we need to change our food industry and find alternative ways of producing, consuming and communicating food.

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As the world's population grows, we use to increase our food production. There is also an increased demand from consumers to know more about food, how it is made, how it affects the environment, their health and the place where they live.

In the food area, transparency and facts are important keywords for the consumer, but today's labels and table of contents are difficult to interpret. It is difficult to choose which products best meet the consumer's needs and principles. The Foodtech project and research institute for Design will, among other things, investigate how visualization of information can be done with the aim of creating insights. Here, digital design solutions and packaging design are the focus.

Research projects


Asthma is relatively common among the population in Sweden, but even more common among those who practice endurance training in the cold, such as cross-country skiers. Can the use of heat and...

AI Competence

The project will increase knowledge, recruit and build competence in Artificial Intelligence in Västernorrland and Jämtland / Härjedalen through targeted recruitment efforts to Mid Sweden Universit...


The AMPeRE Project, Industrialization of Additive Manufacturing, through multi-purpose post-PRocEssing, is a business-driven initiative focusing on post-processing, specifically for powder bed fusi...

Antenna systems for smart wells

The project aims to jointly design a smart and energy-efficient sensor system to observe water level in wells. The focus is to design an antenna solution that is easy to integrate in manufacturing...

Augmented Sports

Sports are constantly evolving and impose new demands on equipment and technology while creating opportunities to develop new sustainable products and services.


In Sweden, about 1.2 TWh biogas vehicle fuel is produced each year. Biogas as a vehicle fuel has been commercialized well in Sweden.


BioChange will create conditions for companies to more easily change from fossil based plastics to more biobased plastics by offering quick comparative testing on the raw material before production.


This project creates, synthesizes, and disseminates new knowledge for society, academia, and industry on how increased biomass demands can be met while improving the overall land use sustainability.

BioRem Fiber

Within the BioRem Fiber research project, the goal is to develop market-adapted environmental technology to clean up fiber banks along the coast of Västernorrland with the help of fungi, plants and...

Cold start

The project aims to develop a stable working methodology in order to be able to use the EBM process to repair details. But also utilize the process's properties, high energy and vacuum environment,...

Cruise control strategies in cross-country skiing

In all endurance sports, the choice of cruise control strategy is an important component of optimal performance where time gains can be achieved if the speed is adapted to terrain, wind resistance...

DEVA Technicus

Mid Sweden University will create a study object in collaboration with Technichus for comparative studies of the design of indoor environments.

DEVA Timrå high school

Poor indoor environment in elementary schools in Sweden seems to be a problem in many municipalities. DEVA is a concept that aims to explore design alternatives and develop the opportunities to...


Rapid structural transformation takes place in green transports and the growth rate is very high in the green energy sector. To meet tomorrow's demands for green energy and green transport, we are...


This research project will develop Eco-effective processes and systems in cooperation with the paper industries in Sweden.


The ECWA-NOR project aim to ensure the quality of our water bodys through analysis and tracking of the E.coli bacteria and eDNA.


In a sustainable world, we need to change our food industry and find alternative ways of producing, consuming and communicating food.

FORIC - Forest as a Resource Industrial College

FORIC is our industrial research school for PhD students. FORIC's full name is Forest as a Resource Industrial Research College. The research school is funded by Knowledge Foundation and we coopera...

Housing, integration, and labor

A comparison of Sweden's larger cities shows that, in segregated housing areas, income levels are lower and health risks for the residents are higher. Where you live also proves to be of great...


How is airway health influenced by physical activity in cold environments? This is the main question for this research project that started in 2015.


This project focus is to reinforce and renew the competence in Information Visualization and Visual Analytics.

IoT professionals

The IoT professionals’ project will provide advance level courses to working professionals within the technology area IoT. This in order for both the individuals and the companies they work for to...

Litium-ion batteries

Researchers at FSCN research centre have developed high-capacity batteries using a novel nanomaterial.

Management through networks

This project studies the so-called River groups. The focus is on how collaboration between private and public actors functions as a tool for risk and crisis management. They also study network...

Micro/Nanoelectronics Competence Hub

In this project researchers will establish a Competence Hub within the field of Micro/Nanoelectronics with the object to gather and share knowledge between academy and companies

MiLo — environment in the control loop

Climate change, pollution and noise have a major impact on society. In this project, researchers with new technology want to measure environmental parameters over large areas, which creates...

Multifunctional landscapes

This project developed new solutions for meeting increased demands of biomass for food, energy, and other biobased products, at the same time as conditions for biodiversity and multiple ecosystem...


The society of today is moving away from fossil based energy towards renewable sources.

NIIT - Next Generation Industrial IoT

NIIT is a new research action at Mid Sweden University. The industrial focus is the next generation IoT technology and methods supporting the transformation of the process industries. The research ...

Parasport and inclusive exercise

People with physical and intellectual disabilities are less likely to participate in sport activities and are less physically active than their counterparts. This project aims to investigate...

Putting out Fires: A Multiple Streams Analysis

What happens after we put out the (forest) fire? Are we prepared for the next one? This project will investigate whether and how crisis preparedness and management, as a policy sector at the local...


REACTION will build the first worldwide and European 8-inch SiC wafer pilot line facility for power technology. The project will re-set European competitiveness, rearranging worldwide factories...

RemoteS - Systems for Remote Scaling

This project aims to develop scaling in the mines by using Remote operation systems. The work is performed within the strategic innovation programme Swedish Mining Innovation and the partners Bolid...

Running downhill

Being able to keep high speed at steep downhill slopes when running outdoors is an important factor for performance in the terrain. However, research is sparse regarding the most effective running...

Safety systems for head injuries

With the help of a constructed surrogate head with many sensors, the researchers hope to gain knowledge of what is happening in the brain during trauma to the head. In this way, even better safety...


Development and evalutation of internet-based methods for assessment and treatment of mental ill-health among refugees. A research collaboration with LiU and KI.


This research project contains process modelling and full-scale evaluation of new segment design in a refiner for paper industry.


The project will increase the applicability and understanding of selective microstructure in additive manufacturing (AM). With the controlled environment offered by Electron Beam Melting technology...


On behalf of The National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen) researchers at Miun monitors the implementation of the self-assessment scale Refugee Health Screener (RHS) within student...

SQMA Measurement Index

This SQMA-SIQ funded project is conducted in collaboration with researchers from Chalmers University to examine the use and effectiveness of the SIQ management index (MI) that was designed to suppo...

STORE - Electrical energy storage

Society is transitioning from fossil energy to green alternatives. As a result, the need to store energy from, for example, solar panels, wind power and electric cars is increasing. This project ai...

Sweden is on fire

The project "Sweden is on fire: A study of volunteer efforts and the local population's emergency preparedness during the forest fires in the summer of 2018" studies how different types of...

The Skiers Metabolome Project

This exploratory research project aims to identify novel biomarkers of health and performance among elite cross-country skiers.


The project aims to establish the region of Jämtland / Härjedalen, Västernorrland and Tröndelag as one of Northern Europe's centers for additive manufacturing and strengthening companies in the...


Developing an outdoor therapy program to support the health and well-being of young cancer survivors.


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