Snow removal costs Sweden's municipalities about 1.5 billion per year. The goal of the project is to collect data, develop analysis methods and look at business development to streamline and increase the quality of municipalities' snow removal.

Traktor som skottar undan snö på gata.

Snow removal costs Sweden's municipalities about 1.5 billion per year. This might increase based on the fact that the planning of snow removal becomes more difficult through increased climate impact, we get more extreme weather at new times of the year. Today, planning is carried out based on the experience of individuals and through physical presence in an area, this is vulnerable and makes the process difficult to optimize.

In this project, we intend to develop an IoT-based solution to deal with increased uncertainty and enable optimization of snow removal for the country's municipalities, and in the long run a solution that can be scaled up for the whole world.

To do this we will study and develop:

  1. IoT based data collection: Develop solutions for data collection regarding snow and snow removal that enables planning and business development of snow removal in a municipality.
  2. Analysis methods: Based on collected data, our aim is to develop analysis methods that support business development.
  3. Business development: Business development of snow removal in a small municipality and in a larger municipality to find a scalable model for IoT based snow removal planning.

The project will result in IoT solutions that support the development of snow removal, analysis-based models for business development of snow removal that enable optimization and effective methods for dealing with increased uncertainty due to climate change.