Limiting, enabling, and shaping of Civil society organisations work in a Swedish context

This thesis aims to analyze how civil society organizations (CSOs) work is shaped, limited, and enabled in a Swedish context. As an empirical area, it focuses on the work CSOs do to help refugees and migrants arriving in Sweden.

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In total, the thesis is based on four individual research papers that will try to answer the following questions:

  • What incentives are there for CSOs interaction with other CSOs or local authorities? 
  • In what ways are CSO dependent on different types of internal and external resources? 
  • How can different geographical contexts affect CSOs possibility to act? 

The goal is that the thesis will contribute to a greater knowledge of the circumstances that affect CSOs work and its effects on local societal resilience. That knowledge can enable local authorities, foundations, and other funders to adjust their work and support better to ensure that society, and CSOs, remains robust and resilient for future events. Because CSOs work and contribution to society is vital in many different areas, the research will not only be a contribution to research concerning CSOs and refugees but rather to society at large.


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Sophie Kolmodin

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