MiLo — environment in the control loop

Climate change, pollution and noise have a major impact on society. In this project, researchers with new technology want to measure environmental parameters over large areas, which creates completely new opportunities to use this information for decision-making and control of industry and society.


The MiLo project - the environment in the control loop's activities - measuring environmental parameters, presenting environmental data, developing innovations and strategically communicating this and thus increasing knowledge and understanding - aims to strengthen the attractiveness and competitiveness of companies and the region. The following areas are in focus: 

The future airport

Arlanda liggande

The sub-project's goal is to develop new methods to obtain reliable camera-based surveillance of safety-critical areas at Sundsvall-Timrå Airport. By combining multi-camera technology, the identification of objects such as people, service vehicles, aircraft, animals, foreign objects on runways must be ensured. During winter maintenance of the airport, there is also a need for measurement systems for characterizing the runways' coverage of snow, water and ice. The airport houses the world's first operational center for remote control of air traffic control, the Remote Tower Center.

Measure pollutions

Essvik liggande

This project aims to develop measurement techniques for detection and quantification of environmentally hazardous pollutants in the fiber banks that are stored in some of Sundsvall’s bays. The fiber banks consist mainly of cellulose sludge contaminated with, for example, mercury and arsenic. In addition, there is a decomposition of the organic material which in turn is expected to release gases such as the greenhouse gas methane and toxic hydrogen sulphide.

Measuring noise from industry

Industrial IoT

The project aims to increase knowledge and develop measurement methods for positioning and characterization of sound sources in industrial environments and larger areas. Through sound characterization, it is possible to create safer and more attractive industrial work environments.

Efficient ski resorts

Skidanläggning liggande

Here, the researchers will develop measurement techniques to characterize the snow's properties such as moisture content and grain size. There is an interest in snow cannon manufacturers who want to monitor the process when water is converted to snow. They also want to know more about the properties of the manufactured snow. Arenas for winter sports are also interested in knowing more about the properties of the snow that covers the facility to provide feedback and control their activities.


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