Norm-critical perspectives in the social work with older transgender adults

The research project examines different perspectives within the framework of social workers' treatment of older transgender adults in Sweden. Special focus is norm-critical aspects.

En lila transsexsymbol som ligger på en tvåfärgad blå och rosa bakgrund

The overall purpose is to examine prerequisites and challenges for developing and using norm-critical perspectives to acknowledge older transgender adults in social work. Older transgender adult refers to a person who is 65 years of age or older and who does not define their gender identity or gender expression as linear, following the gender binary norm or in accordance with the gender assigned to the person at birth.

Empirical data consists of qualitative interviews with social workers, LGBTQ activists and older transgender adults. Theories used are gender theory, queer theory and intersectionality.

The results will be presented in scientific articles and in a PhD theses. 


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Sofia Smolle

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Majen Espvall


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Magnus Israelsson

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