Nurses and nursing students experiences from the pandemic

Nurses and nursing students experiences from the pandemic

The corona pandemic provides a unique opportunity for researchers to explore experiences from healthcare during the ongoing pandemic. The project will follow the nurses and nursing students to identify new knowledge which will be used to strengthen and improve education and healthcare practical.

Coronavirus test - sköterska genomför ett test för coronavirus från en kvinna som har anmält symptom.

The project focuses on nursing students and professional nurses' experiences of crisis awareness and emergency medical preparedness with a focus on nursing and healthcare during a pandemic. The nursing students will be followed from the training period into professional life.

In parallel, interviews are also conducted with experienced professional nurses. The nurse's work situation and the challenges they face in caring for patients in a pandemic situation are of great importance for the subject of nursing, which is a major subject in education. The researchers who participate in the project are themselves nurses with long experience and who today conduct research in intensive care, children, emergency care and organization of the care area. It also means that the project can clinically related issues pertaining to the nursing profession.

The participants in the study are recruited from several different activities within healthcare - emergency care, intensive care, somatic care, psychiatric care, palliative care, municipal home care and primary care. The work has already begun and will continue until 2022. The results will be returned to participating activities and educations in health care and a number of articles will be published in scientific journals.


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Malin Rising-Holmström

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Marie Häggström

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