Opportunity horizons - an experimental and exploratory collaboration between academia and culture

This collaboration project consists of a joint exploration of long-term opportunities for collaboration where we want to establish and explore conditions, frameworks and activities for collaboration between Scenkonst Västernorrland and Mid Sweden University.

scenkonst västernorrland

Project leaders at Mid Sweden University are the Forum for Digitization (FODI) and the Forum for Gender Studies (FGV).

The project is planned to run from September 2020 to December 2021 and aims at the educational and cultural deficit in the region and opportunities for education and culture to constitute a resource for movement, critical thinking and power of change and ability to resist powerlessness and anti-democratic societal development.


Project period


Municipal cooperation

Project leader

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Mikael Flodström, Scenkonst Västernorrland

Mikael Flodström, Scenkonst Västernorrland