People with physical and intellectual disabilities are less likely to participate in sport activities and are less physically active than their counterparts. This project aims to investigate innovative solutions and digital tools to promote physical activity and health equity.



Individuals with disability participate less in sports and are less physically active than people without disabilities. Lower rates of physical activity (PA) contributes to increased risk for lifestyle diseases, such as diabetes type 2 and cardiovascular disease. Participation in sports activity enhance the possibility to increase PA and also contributes to social participation and thus better health. It is well known that physical activity leads to better health, however, there is a lack of adapted methods to improve physical activity for people with disabilities.

In September 2020, an intervention study to examine web based exercise for people with intellectual disabilities will start up. Feasibility and experience of such training will be evaluated, along with changes in body composition and quality of life.

Another part of this project is to investigate and improve the knowledge in how equipment, disabilities and exercise effect performance in athletes with physical disabilities. The aim is to provide better insight to coaches and leaders in Parasport.


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