Perspective on Accessibility - The Relationship Between Infrastructure and Regional Development

The purpose of the study is to investigate the relationship between the transport system (including all modes of transport and infrastructure) and regional development with a special focus on accessibility.

Flygplats, resande, rullband

The overall goal is to provide new knowledge and qualified future scenarios as well as good conditions that can support municipal and regional actors in the decision-making processes regarding future strategies and plans in connection with infrastructure investments and business establishments within the region.


A total of 5.75 MSEK

Collaboration agreement Mid Sweden University and Sundsvall municipality (with Ånge, Hudiksvall, and Nordanstig municipalities): SEK 4.25 million

Collaboration agreement between Mid Sweden Universityand Timrå: SEK 750,000

Collaboration agreement between Mid Sweden Universityand Härösand: SEK 750,000

Participants from the municipalities 

Sundsvall: Johan Klockare Öhrnell

Härnösand: Daniel Johannsson

Timrå: Olof Lindstrand

Ånge: Mats Gustafsson

Hudiksvall: Hans Gyllow

Nordanstig: Hans-Åke Oxelhöjd


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