Small businesses and Covid-19 - leaders' lessons for future crises

Small businesses and Covid-19 - leaders' lessons for future crises

The aim is to investigate how small businesses in Europe during the Corona crisis handled government support and issues related to work environment, health, rehabilitation and work/family balance. The project is a collaboration with researchers at NTNU in Norway and regional business actors.

Most EU countries offer financial support to small businesses to mitigate the effects of the coronavirus. In Sweden, 99 percent of all companies are small businesses and four out of ten of these are financially affected by the spread of the virus. There is a lack of research on how crises affect leadership, the work environment and health in smaller companies. A study of how companies in different countries handle government support measures and work environment and health work during the Corona crisis can contribute valuable knowledge for future crises.

The project plans interviews with Swedish and Norwegian leaders in small businesses, a survey of small businesses in these regions and studies of European survey data before, during and after the crisis. In connection with the project, a licentiate work will also be carried out.

The project runs through the autumn of 2023 and is expected to provide a picture of how smaller companies in Europe have handled the effects of the coronavirus. The results are also expected to show how the crisis has affected business leaders' opportunities to conduct work environment issues and health initiatives, as well as contribute lessons for Swedish and Norwegian small business owners ahead of future crises.


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